Should You Hire a CV Writer?


The CV is one of the most important documents you will ever have – it tells the story of you, as a person and as a professional. It sells your abilities and your experience but not in a boastful way. It paints a picture of you that you give to employers to show why they would want to hire you. But should you write it yourself or employ a CV writing service? We spoke to one of the leading CV writing services in the UK, Purple CV, to find out why hiring someone like them can often be the first step of a successful job search.

Using a Professional

Unless you are a professional writer in some form, then writing the perfect CV is something probably best done by an expert. While having a professionally written CV is no guarantee to getting the job, it does help and often an expert in CV writing can use phrases that will catch the employer’s attention in a way that a non-professional might not, as well as avoiding the cliches that recruiters are tired of seeing.

A professionally written CV will also help show your abilities and experience in ways that you may not have considered. The job of the CV writer is to paint a picture of you and the very wording of the CV can give you an edge over others who have a less well-written document.

A CV writer will also have good knowledge about trends. When you do something for a living, you gain insights into that industry that others don’t and this applies to CV writing. Current hiring practises is one area that they will have a reasonable knowledge of, so getting help with your CV from an professional can help give you that edge in the process.

Getting the Right CV Writer

However, the important part in using a CV writing service is getting the right person. There are lots of people out there who claim to be CV writing experts and any one of them can write you a CV. But if you don’t get a top quality professional, the document may be no different o what you yourself could have written.

One way to choose a CV writer is to look at someone who has plenty of experience. Look for customer testimonials or examples of their work. If someone says they have qualifications in CV writing, then ask to see details. The industry here in the UK isn’t regulated as it is in the US but any professional should be willing to give out details of what makes them an expert.

The Process

Usually writing the CV will involve a series of conversations, a little like an interview. The CV writer may take a copy of a CV you have written yourself to use as a basis for the new document as well as any supporting documentation. You will need to allow a little time to talk with them so they can get to know what you can do and showcase this correctly on the CV.

Some CV writers offer additional services such as interview coaching which you may want to consider. But don’t pick someone just for extras – the most important part of the process is that you get the perfect CV for the job you want. You can find more advice from the Purple CV by checking out their Facebook page, but the key thing to take away is, if you do your research and find the right company to help you with your CV, you could find it gives you a better chance of getting the job you want than if try and go it alone.