Do You Need a CRB Check?

A CRB check is the abbreviation for a Criminal Records Bureau check and as the name suggests, it was usually requested when an employer wanted to check whether a job applicant had a criminal record. This would allow employers to make a more fact-driven decision when considering applicants. These days, and while they are often still referred to, there’s no such thing as a CRB check. It has been replaced with what is know as a DBS check, a Disclosure and Barring Service check, and there are actually three different versions of this new check.

When it comes to finding employment, many may not even consider applying for a DBS check. Although only some roles require applicants to have a DBS check, these roles are scattered across a number of different sectors. As such, it can be a good idea to make some enquiries about the sector you wish to work in, and whether your role will require a DBS check.

What Kind of Roles Require a DBS Check?

Whether a role requires a DBS check depends on the nature of the role and who the person will be working with. For example, those who will be working with vulnerable people and children will need to undergo a DBS check. Often those working within the financial sector will also need to provide employers with a DBS check.

Generally roles that will see people subjected to sensitive material, money or vulnerable people will require applicants to undergo a DBS check to ensure that they are suitable for the role.

When Should I Apply For a DBS Check?

There is no problem applying for roles before applying for a DBS check, but it’s always worth checking to see whether you need to provide your own, or whether the business will pay for one on your behalf.

Evidently, if you’re looking to work within a certain sector, such as becoming a foster carer, then it can be a good idea to get a DBS check carried out in the first instance. There are a number of companies a person can opt to use, including the following:
Excellent customer service is partnered with a fast and reliable service and easy-to-use platform, meaning that carrying out a criminal check is an easy and stress-free affair.
The CRBS offers a straightforward solution for those who rarely have time to themselves. Registered with the DBS and Disclosure Scotland, the CRBS is able to offer enhanced, standard and basic DBS checks.
Disclosure Services serves as an umbrella company for the Disclosure and Baring Service, Disclosure Scotland and Access NI to provide criminal record checks across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
An easy application process is matched with a professional and friendly service, meaning CRB Check Online is able to provide businesses with one of the most up-to-date portals in the UK.

Overall, not every role requires a DBS check, and not everyone will need a DBS check for every role they undertake. However, it does pay to research as to whether your desired role or career will require one, as the sooner you have one, the quicker your application process will be. If you have an up-to-date DBS check in your possession, you can also add this to your CV and send it to prospective employers.