Want a Better Job? Go On Holiday

It may sound a crazy idea that going on holiday could lead to you finding a better job but there is method in the apparent madness. Because what we discuss here isn’t just a week in Spain on the beach but a holiday with a purpose. It might be a charity challenge, a volunteering project or even a series of trips during a gap year to do different things around the world. But all of these can lead to you getting a better job and also be more employable.

The Gap Year

More and more students are coming around to the benefits of a gap year while studying at college or university. A gap year that is well used can add significantly to a resume when the right kinds of trips and holidays are listed. According to the founder of the website GapYear.com, the gap year is about demonstrating focus, showcasing abilities and finding a life path that will lead them to both financial and emotional happiness.

Australia is a popular choice for a gap year – it is similar enough to Britain in some ways yet offers completely different experiences. Travelling around the country is a great thing to do but the gap year isn’t all about sunshine and beaches. It may mean getting involved with a conservation project that later involves moving to another location.

Another option for the gap year is to pick up real life skills that will complement academic studies and put the student ahead in the job application stakes. For those wanting to work with kids, for example, working as an Au Pair is an option. Or volunteering with an inner city project helping disadvantaged kids gives a glimpse at a different set of issues.

Short Breaks

Even a shorter break of a week or two can be turned into something beneficial with charity challenges being top of the list. These are organised events that raise money for a charity through undertaking a challenge. One of the most popular is climbing Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Other challenges could be to trek through the Grand Canyon or to climb to the base camp of Mount Everest. These challenges can be life changing, giving people a great self of accomplishment and self-confidence as well as looking impressive on a resume.

Another option for a short break is a volunteering trip. This offers the chance to work on a project that you are passionate about and always looks impressive when interviewing for a job. For example, working with the wildlife conservation community in South Africa or in the giant panda conversation project in Chengdu, China are great examples. Volunteer teaching assignments in places such as the Amazon or other parts of Brazil are a very fulfilling way of giving something back to a community and having an amazing experience. There are even companies who offer special packages just like a normal holiday that include working on a project while you are in country so you know you will be travelling and working with a legitimate organisation.

Whatever you choose, and wherever you go, with a bit of forethought and planning you could make sure that your excursion is not only the trip of a lifetime, but also something that will enhance your CV and make you a much more desirable candidate when you come back and start looking for a job.